Kylie Birthday Collection: Fake VS Real

Hey guys!

So I ordered the Kylie Birthday Collection off of Amazon (knowing it was going to be fake) for £11, so about $14.50. My friend had the real ones (from the Kylie Cosmetics Website) and I was curious to see the comparison between the two. So here it is, the top ones are real and the bottom are fake.

So as you can see, the two do differ on some colours. Candy K is very similar with the both fake and real and so is Dolce K. However colours like Exposed and Koko K don’t look similar. Exposed is much more orange on the fake than the real. Koko K fake is a very bright pink! Especially in comparison to the real Koko K.

The fakes are more liquid based although with time they do set and become matte. The packaging on the real to the fake is completely the same except for some writing. The fake tubes are also called ‘Metal Matte’ instead of ‘Matte Liquid’. Also the Kylie writing on the tubes rubs off easily with the fakes.

Overall, the fakes and still quite similar to the real Kylies (but a lot cheaper!) I think they are definitely worth the money, however if you’re looking to splash some cash then definitely invest in the real Kylies. I hope this comes in use to you and maybe changes your viewpoint on fakes/dupes. Please leave me a like or commet telling me if this was useful to you or if you liked it! 🙂

Lots Of Love, Abella Xxx


My Three Favourite Low-Cost Eyeshadow Paletts

Hey guys!

Eyeshadow is my favourite makeup type, easy. I just love all of different colours and how you can literally transform your makeup with it. So here are my three favourite (low-cost price) Eyeshadow pallets!

1. MUA Elysium Palette.

I absolutely live for this palette! It’s a mix of shimmer and matte colours (mainly pinks and browns) It costs £4 from Superdrug and lasts at least 3 months. I’ve had this palette for about 4 months now and it still looks practically untouched.

2. W7 Smokin’ Shades Palette.

This palette isn’t one I use everyday and although it’s a ‘Smokin’ Shades’ palette, it has very neutral colours in aswell as blacks and greys. This cost me £7 from TXMax and it last ages! I love the tin packaging, it really adds to the product. The colours are shimmer and matte, also they blend amazingly!

3. Revolution Remdemtion Palette.

So finally is the Revolution palette. I love this palette because it has so many different tones and shades, from white to pink to copper to brown to black. It costs £4 (again AMAZING for the price) This palette does deteriorate a little faster but it still lasts quite a while.

So that’s my three favourite (yet affordable) Eyeshadow palettes, I hope this comes in handy and you might even try some of these palettes. I might do a blog on the look/outcome of some of these palettes so please leave a comment telling me if you liked it!:)

Lots of love, Abella xoxo

Living In The Moment.

Hey guys! 

So I was bored and then I started thinking why does it feel like life is passing us by? It’s because it is. Whilst your sat here reading this there’s a whole world out there, there’s 7 billion people living the exact same moment in a different way. 

I’ve always been one to live in either the future or the past and I never realised that my life was passing me by faster than I thought. Say someone asked me to do something with them, I would think will it benefit me in time from now? What’s happened from doing this in the past? And then you start to worry. And thinking ahead  is good in some ways but really you just need to live for the present. It’s hard to live in the present, you don’t even know that your living In The future/past sometimes. But moments will pass you by, you have one life and you should live it having fun. Just focus on the 24 hours in front of you and don’t worry about the rest!

Even in places like school or work, college or university, you have to live in the moment (to a certain degree). I don’t know about you but it still feels like 2015 to me. I can still remember 2012 like it’s yesterday but we’re nearly half way through 2017?! It’s nearly summer break, and then you go back to in a different year group, or a different course. 

It takes time to do but stop thinking for the past or the future. But it’s worth it in the end. Think for now and think about what will make you happy in this moment. Right here. Right now. 

Lots of love, Abella xoxo



This is my first blog post, ever! I’m really new to this so please don’t be horrible in the comments because ya know, it’s not easy…

Anyway, back to the blog. I’m starting this blog because a) I’m bored, and b) because this blogs going to be about a passion/s of mine. So on this blog I’m probably going to be doing lots of tutorials on hair and makeup/ skincare (and no, I’m no expert.) I’ll also be posting about lifestyle and stuff to do with life because that’s another thing I love to talk about.

I would like to think I’m quite good at photography so all pictures will be mine unless stated otherwise.

Lots of love, Abi Xxx