My Three Favourite Low-Cost Eyeshadow Paletts

Hey guys!

Eyeshadow is my favourite makeup type, easy. I just love all of different colours and how you can literally transform your makeup with it. So here are my three favourite (low-cost price) Eyeshadow pallets!

1. MUA Elysium Palette.

I absolutely live for this palette! It’s a mix of shimmer and matte colours (mainly pinks and browns) It costs £4 from Superdrug and lasts at least 3 months. I’ve had this palette for about 4 months now and it still looks practically untouched.

2. W7 Smokin’ Shades Palette.

This palette isn’t one I use everyday and although it’s a ‘Smokin’ Shades’ palette, it has very neutral colours in aswell as blacks and greys. This cost me £7 from TXMax and it last ages! I love the tin packaging, it really adds to the product. The colours are shimmer and matte, also they blend amazingly!

3. Revolution Remdemtion Palette.

So finally is the Revolution palette. I love this palette because it has so many different tones and shades, from white to pink to copper to brown to black. It costs £4 (again AMAZING for the price) This palette does deteriorate a little faster but it still lasts quite a while.

So that’s my three favourite (yet affordable) Eyeshadow palettes, I hope this comes in handy and you might even try some of these palettes. I might do a blog on the look/outcome of some of these palettes so please leave a comment telling me if you liked it!:)

Lots of love, Abella xoxo


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