Living In The Moment.

Hey guys! 

So I was bored and then I started thinking why does it feel like life is passing us by? It’s because it is. Whilst your sat here reading this there’s a whole world out there, there’s 7 billion people living the exact same moment in a different way. 

I’ve always been one to live in either the future or the past and I never realised that my life was passing me by faster than I thought. Say someone asked me to do something with them, I would think will it benefit me in time from now? What’s happened from doing this in the past? And then you start to worry. And thinking ahead  is good in some ways but really you just need to live for the present. It’s hard to live in the present, you don’t even know that your living In The future/past sometimes. But moments will pass you by, you have one life and you should live it having fun. Just focus on the 24 hours in front of you and don’t worry about the rest!

Even in places like school or work, college or university, you have to live in the moment (to a certain degree). I don’t know about you but it still feels like 2015 to me. I can still remember 2012 like it’s yesterday but we’re nearly half way through 2017?! It’s nearly summer break, and then you go back to in a different year group, or a different course. 

It takes time to do but stop thinking for the past or the future. But it’s worth it in the end. Think for now and think about what will make you happy in this moment. Right here. Right now. 

Lots of love, Abella xoxo